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10/2/15 Good Roads unveils new air ride blade saver.

Cutting edge wear has always been an issue with plowing snow in the winter. The current solution is a hydraulic modification that maintains upward hydraulic pressure on the plow lift cylinder thus reducing the weight of the plow on the road surface. In concept this does work to a point. But it does have drawbacks. One must modify existing hydraulic systems which adds complexity. Adjustable wherever the valve is placed needing tools to do so. Although upward pressure is apparent, it is non-forgiving and can be somewhat rigid in performance. Does not react to changing conditions quick enough, no shock absorber like performance or “spring” action.

The “Air Ride plow” utilizes “air spring” technology and a custom lift arm assembly to gently maintain upward motion to accomplish the same as the hydraulic version. Advantages are as below. Can be easily added to existing GN-200 snow plow push frames. (shown in picture)

  • No modifications whatsoever to the existing hydraulics, the simpler the better.
  • Can be made adjustable inside the cab by the operator.
  • The air spring design maintains a steady air ride quality like a road tractor suspension.
  • Very flexible and has an inherent “spring” to be more forgiving over various road conditions.
  • Costs less than half the price, and is simpler to install and maintain.

12/4/13 - The Godwin Group affiliate Godwin Manufacturing Company presents a new product being sold under the Good Roads brand.

The new Good Roads spreader stand was developed out of customer demand for a more versatile, user friendly and longer lasting product. The newly developed stand is designed to be weight bearing so that the user can store their hopper spreaders preloaded and ready to use. It features removable and retractable rear legs and spring pin releasable front folding legs. Loading is smooth and easy with 3" x 8" cast iron front wheels with caged roller bearings, and 8" poly horizontal guide wheels with integral steel guide brackets. Like all Godwin and Good Roads products, they're protected better than any in the industry with a thermoset powder coated zinc primer with powder coated top coat. Fully welded and sealed construction will ensure that corrosion doesn't start from the inside of components. This stand is manufactured in such a way that it can easily be packaged for shipping in quantities.

For more information on the new Good Roads spreader stand and other quality Good Roads equipment, visit www.goodroadsinc.com

About Good Roads by Godwin

Located in Dunn, NC., Good Roads is a leading manufacturer of American made Steel and stainless steel snow removal equipment. Good Roads, whom is owned by Godwin Manufacturing, is the originator of the modern snow plow. This family owned and operated business is part of the largest privately held truck equipment manufacturing company (The Godwin Group) in the US.


8/2/13 - Good Roads is celebrating a major anniversary this fall.

The company was founded in 1878 after it became the inventor and patten holder of the the first four-wheeled pull grader. It wasn't until 1913 that Good Roads became a staple in the road machinery industry by making one of the most important snow removal contributions to date. Early century snow storms often crippled big cities. Snow was difficult and slow to clear from the narrow streets and alleyways with traditional animal drawn scrapers and hand shovels.

Accumulated snow was one of the biggest problems cities faced in the winter. Such was the case in New York City until the winter of 1913 when the street cleaning bureau decided it was time to try something different. Desperate, the city turned to Good Roads. The crippling white powder was about to meet its match. A Good Roads advertisement in a 1923 The American City magazine sums it up nicely. "...The very fist snow plow ever built for use with motor equipment was a Good Roads Champion. It was made in 1913, to meet the exacting requirements outlined by engineers of New York City Street Cleaning Bureau." The Good Roads development not only produced the industries first motorized snowplow, it was so effective that NYC purchased over 700 within the following few years. Snow removal was forever changed. The 1923 advertisement also boasted that "...three out of every four snowplows in use throughout the whole United States are Good Roads Champions...". Good Roads, now proudly owned by Godwin Manufacturing company continues its 135 year tradition of making things a little easier for those who work hard. Join Good Roads in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the modern snowplow.


10/2/13 - The Godwin Group unveils a new interactive distributor search program designed to help customers find company product dealers in their area. The search program is used by all of The Godwin Group companies and displays distributor contact location and information according to entered search requests. Searches can be made by state, by company, and by state and company to narrow results. https://distributors.godwingrouponline.com/